The studio has extensive experience in diverse productions, while maintaining creativity and originality, accuracy and precision, movement and emotion. We bring Motion and Emotion to every business.

The work process is structured and meticulous and includes customer analysis and needs, issuing a detailed brief and mapping the concept stages, from here the customer receives a storyboard which is a preliminary graphic design and a pre-visual scenario of the video, after the video construction work the customer receives a video board. . In the next step, the animation, animation, special effects, video art, etc. are inserted until the customer receives the product he dreamed of.

Pizza Hut

Triple Mix

An advertisement video for broadcast on the various channels, which started from an idea when there was still no tangible product. With the help of 3D and graphic design, we were able to build a model, illustrate and give Triple Mix life.
The customer got excited and ran with the ad for about 3 years

Western Digital

Video for smart card for security cameras
The goal was to convey in a light-hearted, humorous way the challenges that microSD cards have in an external environment and to illustrate the benefits of the PURPLE microSD. Using visual tools we accomplished the task and created a cool video that did the job


An animated video that we created in combination with a production house – video echo for the application of creating a resume in the high-tech field, the invested video was a great success and reached a very large exposure on social networks and on television


Many companies like to document the events they hold for employees, one of which is the Redwin company for which we produced a light and exciting year-end video that was screened at the Sale Kickoff event

Western Digital

Producing a video illustrating the benefits of remote control with a smart card for security cameras


A video for a startup company that manufactures a product in the field of dental implants. We produced a video that illustrates the challenge of multiple solutions in the world of transplants, with a focused explanation of an adaptive and worthwhile solution like the solution of the Abercadbra company

Western Digital

An exhibition video that shows and explains the existing challenges for smart cards in the environment of home converters


An explanatory marketing video in the Swedish language, which we produced for the app in the field of gaming.
The video shows how animated boundaries can be broken. This is not the first time we have made a video in a foreign language and we even had productions that were translated into different languages, but here the pan was big and the creativity spilled like water. It proved to us once again that video and animation advertising is an opening to the big world and that is a door that every business is worth opening.


A video we created in collaboration with Creative House Production, mainly in the processes of composing, tracking and animation


A very enjoyable video we created in collaboration with Creative House Productions where we mainly produced the part of the animation